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Bitch Details     1/4/2012  

  APRIL 2012  

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STORAGE FUCKS  by Norm 1/4/2012 at 22:02
What's with all these stupid ass shows on TV about storage lockers? Scratched up 20 year old DVD's aren't worth $5 a piece, a 10baseT Cisco switch isn't worth $300, piece of shit kitchen tables aren't worth $500. These stupid fucks really need a lesson in appraisal.

Who watches this shit? And who is that fucking out of touch that 5 minutes into the show it isn't completely obvious these appraisals are a farce?

Daily dose of truth: Like attempting to be a professional gambler, it is NOT lucrative to spend hundreds of dollars on storage units that people abandoned. Otherwise the storage company would sell the shit from the units themselves. You fucking moron.

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